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Kensington Wainscoting & Chair Rail Installation

Kensington Wainscoting & Chair Rail InstallationOne of the best ways to add beauty and provide some functionality within your home would be our Wainscoting & Chair Rail Installation in Kensington. At Benchmark Painting & Carpentry we can take care of both of these professional services. The materials we use and the workmanship we offer will leave you with a look you can’t help but love.

Our Kensington Painters can show you the numerous options available and help you select the ideal look. All while staying within your deadline and budget restrictions. Our office crew, as well as our craftsmen, focuses on delivering the highest levels of workmanship and splendor while offering the finest in customer care. We finish our work by not just meeting the needs of our customers but exceeding them.

Our mission is to become your “housepainters for life.” So we make it a point to establish a long term relationship with each customer we meet. At Benchmark Painting & Carpentry top notch service is the only type of service we provide.


Professional Wainscoting

Kensington wainscoting is richly layered wood sections. The completed style cannot be beat or even matched. It adds a layer of elegance to any house. Not to mention that properly installed panels increase the property value of any home. This is an ideal way to add depth and bring uniqueness to any room or your entire house.

This is wood paneling that is usually attached to the lower third of the walls although it can be installed at higher heights. Originally used in the early 1900’s to conceal the rising dampness of interior walls the look has lasted over the years. The coating top of wainscot is capped by molding which will prevent any damages and scratches from furniture. The overall look is more majestic and classic but there are ways to add a modern finesse; it is more about the look you want to create for your Kensington house.


Expert Chair Rail Installation

Kensington chair rails are another alternative for homeowners who want to focus on the functionality of the molding they select. As the name explains, this railing is installed in order to thwart or reduce the damage caused to walls from chairs and other furniture. The added bonus is that the look it creates adds a level of regality.

For either of these jobs you need to know you can trust in pros that have the training, skill and expertise to get the job completed correctly. At Benchmark Painting & Carpentry we look forward to teaming up with you to take care of your Kensington wainscoting and chair rail installation.

Our Kensington Wainscoting & Chair Rail Installation Provides These Detailed Services

  • Wainscoting
  • Chair Rails
  • Chair Rail Installers
  • Wainscoting Installers
  • Wainscoting Installation
  • Chair Rail Installation
  • Decorative Trim
  • Decorative Baseboards
  • Trim Installation
  • Baseboard Installation
  • Kensington Wainscoting
  • Chair Rails in Kensington


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If you are looking for Wainscoting & Chair Rail Installation in Kensington then please call 301-949-1100 or complete our online request form.

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