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Tips On Finding Your Kensington House Painters

Kensington Interior PaintingIf you are planning a house painting project, you’ll be looking for a Kensington house painting company to handle the project. Sometimes when you hire a contractor for the first time, you don’t know what to expect or how to choose the contractor.

Every homeowner expects quality work that turns out well. But how can you tell if the Kensington house painter will be able to give you the results you expect? Well, you don’t have to wait until the results are in place to find out a few things about the painting contractor in Kensington.

The thing about poor quality workmanship is you never know whether it was because of ignorance, lack of skill, or simply not caring. Either way, there are some leading questions you can ask a painting contractor up front that will give you some idea of their skill level and attitude.

Here are some things you should be asking and looking for in a painter.

Preparation and painting processes

Ask the painting contractor how they handle the exterior painting process in general. Just tell them you want to know what to expect as far as procedure goes and then let them talk. Don’t lead with specific questions. If they don’t tell you most of the following, keep trying other contractors.

On exterior painting:

  • – Initial pressure washing to remove grime. This ensures a clean surface for the painting products to adhere to
  • – Covering and shielding landscape and exposed areas in work area
  • – Scraping or removal of peeling paint and decaying or loose caulking
  • – Caulking cracks and joints
  • – Taping off windows and doors
  • – Fixing window glaze and putty
  • – Priming new and exposed wood areas
  • – Priming all other areas to be painted
  • – Hand painting where needed

On interior painting:

  • – Covering everything not to be painted for protection in work area
  • – Taping off non-removable fixtures and other areas
  • – Covering light fixtures & chandeliers with plastic
  • – Removing switch and outlet plates
  • – Drywall repair
  • – Sanding wood areas if not smooth
  • – Filling trim & joints with sealant for smooth effect
  • – Filling nail holes, patching imperfections, or patching nail pops
  • – Priming all areas to be painted
  • – Hand painting trimwork

Painting Warranties, Guarantees, & Fees

Also be sure to ask your Kensington house painter about warranties, satisfaction guarantees, fees for estimates, worksite cleanup, project supervision, and paint quality. It’s possible you find some that want to charge for every little service like providing you an estimate. Ask away and don’t be shy! You’ll want to know everything up front. If they talk about all these things when you ask about processes, you can pretty well be sure they know what they’re doing. It never hurts to ask for references you can call as well.

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