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Eco-Friendly Paints KensingtonAs a conscientious homeowner you may be considering using Kensington eco-friendly paints. No longer does going green have to mean forfeiting the quality of paint or the color you want to have. The market has developed and evolved so much during recent years, as the need and demand has elevated. You can truly get the same level of quality for premium paints but in an environmentally responsible substitute.

Resilience, vibrancy, endurance, color and the ability for good coverage are all still traits of this type of paint. The only things missing are the harmful solvents, chemicals and odors of traditional paints. Imagine having the interior and exterior of your house painted with materials that are not flammable, non-toxic and would even be safe around your kids and pets.

Ready to make the conversion switch? Then call the experts here at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry to get the job completed. You are going to be overjoyed with the new look of your house all while feeling better about going “green.” Let our Kensington Painters meet with you for a complimentary estimate and show you all of the ways in which we can color your home while being gentler on the environment.


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Why opt for Kensington eco-friendly paint? Traditional paints are made up of volatile organic compounds that release toxins in the air while the paint dries. This means they have the possibility to be problematic when it comes to health for people, pets and the environment.

Although the federal government already regulates the percentage of VOCs allowed in paints, you should seek out something that is even better for your house, loved ones and of course, the environment. The good news is that the quality of these replacements for traditional paint has really come a long way in recent years; you are going to love the final look you get from eco-friendly paints.


Kensington Eco-Friendly Paints

If you are finally ready to be a part of the positive change then give the Benchmark Painting & Carpentry team a call. We are pleased to join up with our clients to carry out residential painting projects that have a low environmental impact. Our crew is dedicated to being informed and trained on the large variety of environmentally friendly painting products.

When you express an interest in taking this path, we have a superior selection of low-VOC and no-VOC products to work with. Aside from containing fewer harmful substances, these lack odor and are even packaged in recycled materials. Plus, they are made locally which greatly reduces the carbon footprint. Contact us now to find out more about your choices for Kensington eco-friendly paints.

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