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Choosing Beautiful Kitchen Paint Colors

Is it time to have your kitchen painted with a new fresh color, but are struggling with all the choices? 

In this article, we will explore different colors that will work with most kitchen styles and cabinet colors. Learn how to choose neutral, cool, or warm colors. We hope we can help you feel confident in your color choices and love your kitchen again.

How To Pick Out A New Kitchen Paint Color

Here is one method for picking a new paint color. First, pull together all the main elements that make up your kitchen which would be your cabinet color, flooring color, backsplash, and countertops. 

If you have a piece or swatch of each of these items (a designer’s dream) you will have a much easier time choosing the right color. You can unscrew your smallest cabinet door to use it for this purpose temporarily. Pulling these items together helps you see the undertones in each element.

Do you see the undertones? Are they cool, warm, or neutral tones? Even when countertops or tile may seem neutral, by placing putting them together on a white background, you may notice blue, yellow, green, or purple undertones.

Next, start pulling paint swatch samples. What style kitchen do you have? Are you trying to create a farmhouse style kitchen with clean shades of blues, greens, or creamy yellows? Or do you like a modern and sleek style that uses monochromatic colors and lots of whites? 

We know sometimes you may not really have a style, you just want a beautiful kitchen with paint that looks perfect. Here are some paint colors from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Willimas, and Behr to help you choose the right one for you.

Go With Soft Neutral Paint Colors

Neutral paint colors are great to use on kitchen walls. They are perfect if you just need a soft muted color or if you a trying to sell your home. Neutral colors help to pull together a kitchen that may have boldly painted cabinets or a kitchen that you would like to keep light and bright. 

A great place to pull beautiful neutral tones out of is your natural countertops and tile. This will guarantee a subdued and appealing color pallet.

If you have an open floor plan, soft neutral paint colors give a calm transition between rooms. Neutral paint also allows the best features in your kitchen to stand out and not be distracted with a wall color that may be overpowering. 

Here are some neutral paint colors that look great with any cabinet color, and will help your backsplash and countertops to stand out.

Benjamin Moore Calm

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

Behr Silver Drop

Behr Swiss Coffee

Cool Toned Kitchen Paint Colors

It may be a little tricky to figure out cool colors. Especially with the hundreds and hundreds of gray paint colors. There are both cool and warm grays.

So, if you are looking for cool paint color, look for one with light purple, blue, or green undertones. They will remind you of the sky, water, or snow. 

Most people find these tones to be very calming. These colors will work best with white or dark cabinets.

Sherwin Williams Alpaca

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray

Sherwin Williams Kingston

Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray

Warm Hues For Kitchen Paint Colors

For warm colors, think of tones you see in the sunshine, wheat, or desert landscapes. You might call them earth tones. Colors with warm tones tend to make rooms feel cozy and inviting, which is especially nice for a kitchen.

A beautiful warm color can make a kitchen that gets filled with morning sunshine in the winter feel cheery even on a cold overcast day. 

If you have painted white, natural, or oak cabinets, you will find these colors will be a great compliment.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore Coastal Fog

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Sherwin Williams Sedate Gray

Dramatic Kitchen Paint Colors

Bold colors may be what you are looking for if you want a dramatic look. This year the color industry has introduced deep dramatic hues in wall paint. There are lots of great new jewel-toned colors. 

Bold paint color can add personality and make your kitchen unique. Use it on one wall to make a feature or statement wall.

We picked out a blue, green, and gray that will look great in any kitchen. These also work well with any cabinet color whether they are white, oak, or dark.

Sherwin Williams Sea Serpent

Benjamin Moore Bavarian Forest

Sherwin Willims Gauntlet Gray

Professional Interior Painters

Are you ready for new kitchen paint? If you live in the Kensington area, call us today at 877-BENCHMARK to schedule an estimate for your home’s interior painting needs and color consultations to choose the perfect color. We’d love to make your kitchen look amazing.