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What Color Should I Paint My Ceiling?

Are there rules for choosing ceiling color? The answer, no. Old school interior design thinking was rules, rules, rules for everything. There are visual guidelines to keep in mind to keep your rooms from looking dark and small or stark and to airy. Really though, the sky’s the limit when it comes to paint color. Our homes are a reflection of who we are. Our personalities, taste, and lifestyle.

Even so, choosing paint color can be a scary decision. Especially if we are having a paint contractor do the job. All the paint has been bought and it seems pretty permanent once that first roller hits the wall. So, how do you choose the right color for your ceiling and feel confident about your decision?

Design Principles to Keep In Mind

There are design principles to keep in mind when choosing the right color. Here are some basics that we hope will help.

  • White enlarges and brightens by reflection.
  • Dark colors absorb light and diminish room size.
  • Light colors soften and enhance details.
  • Medium color creates warmth and enhances details.

Deciding On A Color

Ask yourself, what does my room(s) need? This answer will depend on the room size, what the room is used for, how much natural light comes in.

  • If you want your ceilings to feel taller, your space to look larger and your moldings to stand out,  choose a paint color about 3 shades lighter than what your wall paint color is. Choosing a color in the same family will create a simple and unified feel. It will be a complimenting color to help accentuate your moldings instead of blending into the ceiling. Another appealing way to get just that right amount of subtle contrast is to choose a very soft blue with a hint of gray.

  • If your room needs drama, you have white walls, or your room is large, choose a dark paint color. This helps if you have very tall ceilings and lots of natural light. Also, this choice can make a large room feel intimate & cozy. Of course, this is a visual illusion but, it may be just the effect you are going for. Choose a dark color like deep blue, charcoal gray or any deep hue if you are looking for drama.

  • If your room(s) are small with very little natural light you need a crisp white ceiling to reflect as much light as possible. There is nothing wrong or boring about choosing white for your ceiling. It is a classic color that will never go out of style. This may be the right color choice if your furniture, decor, and flooring are colorful. Another reason to choose white may be that your ceiling is textured or has visible imperfections. White will do the best job in hiding these. There’s nothing like a fresh clean white ceiling. Our Benchmark pro can help you pick the right white for your home.

  • If your room is asymmetrical, vaulted, or has angled ceilings, using the same wall paint color for these types of ceilings can help simplify unify the entire room. Try a darkershade for a cozier space, or something lighter to open things up.


Who Do I Call to Paint My Ceiling?

For any of these solutions and more ideas, call Benchmark Painting & Carpentry. Our professional staff can help create anything you desire.  We love to get creative and our goal is to make your dream project come true.

Benchmark Painting & Carpentry is dedicated to quality work. We are determined to provide a thorough, high-quality painting & carpentry services right here in the greater Washington DC, Bethesda, Frederick, and Potomac area. Call us today at 301-949-1100 and let’s get started!