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How to Make Your Fireplace Pop

Would you like to use your fireplace as a focal point for decorating your living room? Most of us have one. But sometimes they are generic or just plain ugly. Maybe you’ve got that tv niche builders like to put in and you have no idea what to do with it. Perhaps you live in an older home and your fireplace is bricked and just seems so out of date. How do we get this great feature to really stand out?

There are many ways to turn this piece of architecture into a gem in your home. Now, most fireplaces that are installed are run by gas. This means no messy wood and ash to worry about. And because you can literally just flip a switch and tadah, you have a cozy fire just like that, you tend to use it often. But, who doesn’t love that real wood burning fireplace smell!

In this article, we will focus on solving the above-mentioned issues. These tend to be the most frequent problems with living room fireplaces. Benchmark Painting & Carpentry of Kensington MD have some simple recommendations and our pros know how to implement them. So let’s discuss some real solutions.

My Fireplace Is Boring

Is your fireplace the typical cookie cutter builder fireplace? If your fireplace has been built on a wall with a niche that either projects out or in or is on an angled wall, an easy solution is to paint that section of the wall a contrasting color, but one that complements the existing paint color in the room. Or just the opposite. Leave that small wall or niche and paint all the walls except that one in contrasting darker color. And yet another option is to paint the mantle moldings a dark color to give drama to the room. This will ground the fireplace and make those flames stand out.

Also, have you thought about adding molding to your existing fireplace mantle and surround? Additions like these can make an outstanding difference. Whether your taste is traditional, farmhouse, modern, etc., there are moldings, shiplap, and mantles to suit your style.

To create another layer of interest, dimension and texture add tile or stone to this area. So depending on your budget, style, and imagination you can really make your fireplace pop.

How to make your fireplace pop in Maryland

I Have An Unusable TV Niche Above the Fireplace

This second problem is really for homes built in the early 2000s till now. Some builders give no thought into the fact that we no longer own giant box TVs. You are probably tired of trying to decorate that area with plants, candles or covering it as best you can with a mirror or picture.

In this case, we suggest having the hole framed, drywalled and the electrical / cable rewired on the new wall if you wish to hang a flat screen tv. Then finish up with a new coat of paint. Benchmark professionals can make it look like that odd niche never existed in the first place.

My Brick Fireplace is Out Of Date

Back in the day, almost all fireplaces were finished with brick. Depending on the color and style of brick, this may be an ok or really bad. If the brick is in good shape and you’re like the style but not the color, the most economical and easy solution is to paint it. But, if the brick is just not for you don’t worry. Our carpenters can cover part or all the brick with wood, drywall, and moldings. A new mantle can be replaced to fit the new look. You’ll never have to look at that old brick again.

Fireplace refacing Kensington MD

Who To Call For Fireplace Refacing

For any of these solutions and more ideas, call Benchmark Painting & Carpentry. Our professional staff can help create anything you desire. We love to get creative and our goal is to make your dream project come true.

Benchmark Painting & Carpentry is dedicated to quality work. We are determined to provide a thorough, high-quality painting & carpentry services right here in the greater Kensington, Potomac and DC Metro area. Call us today at 301-949-1100 and let’s get started!

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