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Try A New Color This Spring

My crews and I have painted thousands of exterior homes over the 26 years of my career. Frequently we get the remark, “what have I done, I hate that color!” followed by; “what will it cost to paint it a different color?” In these cases, I will show my customer how many gallons it will take, how many days it will require to paint a new color, and then present the price for the extra painting.

The reaction to the additional cost is always the same; “let me think about it.”

The next phase is; “I think this color may grow on me, give me a few days more to think about it.”

And the final phase is; “I think I love this color, we are going to keep it.”

My conclusion from my two-decade study, of human reaction to color is this; we can grow to love a color.

It is not abnormal to have an adverse reaction to the color we thought we liked, and then when it is applied to our house, and we see it at its full-scale size and intensity, we feel different about it.

You see, we originally saw it on a smaller sample size. Now in full bloom it takes on different characteristics. In different lighting, it looks darker or lighter than we thought it would be.

Ultimately, the color we will grow to love, may start out as a color we think we hate.

professional exterior painting in Chevy Chase MD
After – Exterior Painting

Exterior House Painting before picture
Before – Exterior Painting

So, don’t be afraid to change colors. Do your research, follow the architectural review committees’ recommendations. (we offer free color consultations with signed paint jobs) Test out some colors on larger size samples. Do everything you can to prepare yourself for the shock of a new color.

But know this, you will soon fall in love with your new look.

Written by: Tiffany

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