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Interior Painting Safety Tips for Families in Chevy Chase, MD

Interior painters in Chevy Chase MDFresh interior painting can help a home go from shabby to chic in a very short time, but it can also be harmful, especially to children. At Benchmark Painting & Carpentry, we strive to ensure our interior painting and exterior painting in Bethesda, MD, Chevy Chase, MD, and every other location is done with the highest safety measures. We’re happy to pass along a few extra tips to keep parents and their kids sleeping soundly and without any worry.

Schedule Painting for Mild Weather

Think about the middle of winter. Are you ever tempted to open up your windows to let a few snow flurries into your toasty and warm home? We didn’t think so.

That’s why it’s so important to schedule interior painters to come to your home during mild weather; you can keep the windows open for extra ventilation – and we recommend up to two to three days. Not only will it cut down on paint fume exposure, it will also help your home return to an acceptable indoor air quality.

Set Up Fans

Box fans are big. They’re bulky. They’re not particularly attractive. But, when your house is receiving an interior painting makeover, you’ll be glad you own one. By setting up box fans in the windows of your home, air ventilation will be even stronger, ensuring that your home is safe for you and your kids.

Check Your Paint Type

Is your paint labeled with low, zero, or no VOC? VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are chemical gasses with short or long-term negative health effects. Paints advertised as no VOC are very safe for families to use, and if you’re worried about painting safety, this should be the type of paint you request.

Ask Benchmark Interior Painters

If you want your entire home to have new interior painting, but are worried about the harmful results, just ask our staff. We’d be happy to talk through your concerns, as well as give you precautions to take in order to keep your family safe, healthy, and happy. We are committed to excellent work and pride ourselves in great service – including safety for families.

For additional questions regarding interior painting safety, exterior painting quotes, or inquiries about our carpentry services, please call us at 301-949-1100 or contact us online.