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Home Painting Tips for Quick Bedroom Makeovers in Bethesda, MD

Interior bed room paintersThe prospect of redecorating a bedroom can be overwhelming for homeowners in Chevy Chase, MD. Of course, a complete home painting makeover on your bedroom walls can do the trick, or a total overhaul of your room’s décor, but sometimes, it’s just not in the budget.

That’s why my house painters have compiled some house paintingtips for updating your bedroom –and the best part? They’re fast, easy, and cheap.

Splash Color on Your Headboard

If you have a wooden headboard, you’re in luck. It’s relatively simple to choose an accent color for your bedroom, sand and prime your headboard, and paint it in a new, peppy shade. It’s the perfect house painting project for a rainy (or clear) day. Not only will your bedroom look brighter and fresher, your wallet will also thank you.

Paint Lampshades

Lots of people have white, black, or tan lampshades. But you don’t need to be part of the crowd. Dare to be different, and paint your lampshades for an unexpected pop of color and design. Using a foam paintbrush, you can easily complete this home painting project in no time, and lighten up your room and your lampshades.

Brighten Up the Closet

Have you ever wanted to do something really different in your bedroom’s décor? Try painting the closet. If can be as drastic or conservative as you want, but be sure it brightens up your bedroom in a big way. Pure white, sunny yellow, or charcoal gray are some great suggestions for a smashing closet makeover.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

My house painters know that in the home painting business, every area of the house can be considered for a painting project, including the ceiling. Consider painting the ceiling for a bold new bedroom look. It will take a little longer than the other home painting suggestions, but the final effect will be worth the effort.

Hopefully these home painting ideas have given you incentive to redecorate your bedroom on the cheap. Benchmark Painting & Carpentry near Bethesda, MD is here to help you with any questions you have, ranging from interior painting to wainscoting. Please call us at 301-949-1100 visit our website.