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Five Daring Home Painting Colors for Homeowners in Chevy Chase, MD

We are professional interior paint contractorsWhen picking paint colors for house painting, it’s a little scary to gravitate toward daring colors. But, it leaves an impact – and gives a boost to any home painting rut.

My expert house painters at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry are committed to helping homeowners in Chevy Chase, MD find daring paint colors that will liven up any home, especially if you’ve finished with wallpaper removing and are moving on to the big job of painting. Here’s their roundup of five bold and exciting colors.

Intensify With Warm Orange

Bright orange may be a little overwhelming, but what about warm orange? It’s a cross between orange and red, and can be an exciting and memorable way to boost your mudroom or children’s playroom. With a red-orange accent wall, you’ll find yourself smiling every time you walk into the room.

Pretty in Pink

If you think pink is only suitable for a little girl’s bedroom, it’s time to think again. Using pink in your home painting brings a perfectly feminine touch to any room, whether it’s the living room, dining room, or bathroom – and there are various shades of pink to choose from.

Deep fuchsia offers a rich, elegant accent, while the palest shade of pink can lighten up a tiny bathroom or office; whatever shade you choose, pink provides sophistication and fun to any room.

Get Happy With Yellow

While yellow can sometimes feel juvenile or overwhelming, it’s a wonderful accent – especially for your front door. House painters know that red is often a common paint color choice for front doors, but yellow has the ability to look happy and cheerful – with a stylish, daring edge. Be bold, choose yellow.

The Right White

White is anything but a boring color – especially when used in a daring way. Why not paint your kitchen cabinets completely white for an airy, fresh feel, or turn your master bedroom into a luxuriously calming room? White has the ability to change colors throughout the day, depending on the light, and when painted against a dark wood trim, it’s the perfect room enhancer.

Turn Up the Style with Teal

Remember when teal and mauve were the perfect color couple? Well, history repeats itself. Teal is making a comeback, especially as jewel tones continue to emerge in home painting trends. A deep teal shade brings the perfect level of drama to a room, with a vibrant and mesmerizing feel. It may be one of the most daring house painting color choices, but it also leaves the biggest impact.

If you’re eager for a daring new color change in your Chevy Chase, MD home, call Benchmark Painting & Carpentry at 301-949-1100 or contact us online.

We’d love to help you make your current home into your dream home!