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Choosing the Best Exterior Color for Painting Your Bethesda, MD Home

Exterior Paint ContractorSummertime is a busy season for home painting in Bethesda, MD. Exterior painting is especially popular, due to the warm weather, but some homeowners just don’t know what colors to choose for their home’s exterior. That’s why my expert painters at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry have compiled three tips on choosing the best exterior paint colors for your home.

Analyze Your Home

Walk outside. Look at all of your home’s features, especially the roof color, landscaping, and chimney. If you have a red roof, you may not want to paint your home red, as it could be overwhelming, and if your landscaping mostly consists of forests and grass, it’s best to choose a color that looks good against a backdrop of greenery. Just looking at your home from the outside should give you a better feel for the best exterior house painting colors.

Be Aware of Neighbors’ Homes

While this may seem a bit strange, my painters believe it’s important to factor the surrounding homes’ painting choices as well. If every home on your block is neutral shades of tan, you probably want to stay away from a bright yellow exterior. Your color can be unique, certainly, but you don’t want the painting choice to be an eyesore – or the talk of the town. Think of it this way: you can choose whatever color you want; it just needs to be compatible with other homes in your neighborhood. Your neighbors will thank you.

Decide on the Number of Colors

In deciding on an exterior paint color, many home owners forget that exterior house painting often involves more than one color. In fact, Victorian-style homes can have up to seven different colors in their exterior house painting – that’s a lot of palette decisions. Think about your front door, trim, columns, and other features of your home; these are all areas that can be painted with an accent color, and it’s important to make these decisions before you get started.

Once you decide on an exterior home painting color, my painters at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry are ready to help you transform your home’s curb appeal. We serve everyone in Bethesda, MD, Rockville, MD, and the surrounding Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. areas. My company is more than willing to help you in this daunting project. Call us today at 301-949-1100 or visit us online.