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House Painting Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms in Chevy Chase, MD

We paint children's roomsWith summer in full swing in Chevy Chase, MD, now is a perfect time for kids to take part in house painting projects – especially in their own bedrooms. Here are a few ideas and tips for interior painting in kids’ rooms.

Spark Creativity With Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is great for all ages, and my home painters have seen its popularity peak drastically over the years. Younger children can draw pictures to their hearts’ content while older kids can use a chalkboard wall as a fun message board when their friends come over. It’s not every day that kids are encouraged to write on the walls!

Glow in the Dark Paint

Glow in the dark stickers have always been popular, but what about glow in the dark paint? There’s an additive you can add to paint, allowing it to glow in the dark when the lights are turned out. You could paint a cityscape or even a whole wall with this lustrous paint, and this exciting interior painting method may get even your trickiest nighttime sleeper in their bed.

Pick Kid-Friendly Paint Colors

Kids have a lot of creativity swirling around in their brains, and they welcome the opportunity to let it spill out. Let them be involved in your house painting, and ask them for help in picking a new paint color for their room. They’ll feel more ownership over their room – and it may even lead to other positive habits, like making their bed!

Design According to Your Child’s Interests

While your daughter’s pink bedroom may have been perfect when she was an infant, it may not be suitable to her tastes any longer. Consult with your kids regarding the interior painting in their bedrooms, and see what piques their interest; it may be a mountain range mural, a bright red accent wall, or stripes of their favorite colors. Let them amaze you with their originality.

Kids are individually unique, and their bedroom should reflect that. You can call my expert home painters for their help in personalizing your children’s bedrooms or any other interior painting needs. In addition, Benchmark Painting & Carpentry is glad to help with exterior painting or commercial painting needs in Kensington, MD or the surrounding areas. Please call us at 301-949-1100 or contact us online.