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All White | A New Hue Color Column

Painting interior white trim paint“All White… All White”

by Veronica Bower, Color Consultant

Choosing the “perfect” white for trim or walls is not as easy as you might think! But..its the hardest color for people to choose, either on a wall or trim. Dont fret! There is a basic rule of thumb to remember:

If you are using dark or bold colors on your walls then use “White”. If you are using a pastel or mid-tone color use an “Off White” such as a white with an undertone color in it.

“Undertone” color is the second color you see after seeing the first color which in this case is White. All “undertone off whites” have a little green, blue, gray, cream, pink, etc. under the white. If you are not sure which one you should go with, or you want to SEE the undertone in that particular white, then put a bright white color card next to it and you will SEE the undertone.

  • The reason you use “undertone off whites” with, pastel or mid-tone wall, colors is because it “blends” better with the color flow from trim to wall look.
  • The reason you use “White” with bolds is a “striking” look so you see the boldness of the wall color and the white trim “frames” the look. White shows the color better.

The best case scenario for all of this is use your best judgement and focus on the look you are trying to achieve. Trim and wall are a pair and need to get along.

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