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The Benefits of Low VOC and Zero VOC Paints

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According to the EPA, indoor air is three times more polluted than outdoor air, and is considered one of the top five hazards to our health.

Interior paints and finishes contribute greatly to indoor pollution, which is why we, at Benchmark Painting and Carpentry, are one of the most reliable painting companies to fulfill your eco-friendly paint needs. We offer excellent low VOC and zero VOC paints.

VOCs are volatile organic compounds that vaporize into the air, producing ozone and causing air pollution. As paint begins to dry, VOCs are released into the air in alarmingly high levels, potentially endangering your health. As you may guess, there are many benefits of using eco-friendly paints.


Our house painters are dedicated to ensuring your own home is not hazardous to you or your family. We are proud to affirm that our low VOC and zero VOC paints are durable and safe for your health.


We stand behind the quality of our paints. Today, even the biggest paint brands provide low VOC or zero VOC paints, and our painters will work to ensure eco-friendly results without compromising the finished product.

Raw Ingredients

Many low VOC and zero VOC paints are made from natural, raw ingredients such as water, milk casein, natural latex, plant oils, and other familiar substances. You can rest assured that all the ingredients are familiar and safe.

We’re committed to keeping you and your family or business safe with our eco-friendly services. Benchmark Painting and Carpentry is here to fulfill all your home painting needs. We provide many services, from expert painters and carpenters to wallpaper removing in your home. Call us today at 301-949-1100 or contact us online.