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Choosing the Right Colors for Your Kensington, MD Home Office

choosing the right paint colors

If you work from home, you know it takes a combination of motivation, discipline, and focus to stay on task. While there are many painting companies in Maryland, Benchmark Painting and Carpentry is aware that different colors are apt to subtly increase or decrease your work productivity. The paint color for your Kensington, MD home office is as important as the quality of the paint job. We’ve compiled a few pieces of advice for picking the best paint color for your home office.


If your job requires intense concentration and clarity, you should choose a blue paint color. The color blue assists with productivity and helps keep your mind focused on the task in front of you. It can be especially helpful when you are working on a detail-oriented project.


Green is also a soothing color, helping to provide a serene environment to your busy days. If your job is highly stressful, an office that is painted with shades of green will help keep you calm.


In some types of work, it is important to feel excited and energized. In those cases, you may want to choose a shade of red. Red stimulates blood pressure, speeds heart rate, and increases the energy in a room. It is an intense color, so be sure to use it sparingly, such as on an accent wall.


The color brown promotes feelings of credibility, reassurance, and security. While carrying out a work-related task, it is important that you feel comfortable, and brown can provide the perfect atmosphere for that.


Orange evokes enthusiasm and vibrancy, similar in effect to the color red. Since it is generally a bright and striking color, you may want to consider using it in small ways to accent your office. Orange pillows, post-it notes, and wall décor can all add a pop of color to your days in a non-overwhelming way

Ultimately, you need to be sure your Kensington, MD home office promotes strong work habits and a productive environment. Please call Benchmark Painting & Carpentry at 301-949-1100, or contact us online if you would like help from our professional interior painters. We are proud to provide quality interior and exterior painting and carpentry services.