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House Painting Services: Painting Trim and Molding

interior paintingThe housing market in Northern Virginia is starting to turn around, so perhaps you’re thinking of putting your house on the market in Arlington, or simply spruce up for the summer in Alexandria. A simple solution to freshen up any home is to do a little residential painting: particularly in the toughest nooks and crannies.

Let’s face it. Over the years, the part of your home that takes the biggest beating is trim: the constant bumper for moving furniture, a shelf for dust and grime. Over time, that pristine white crown molding you originally installed can look dingy, chipped, or flaky. But, if you’ve spent any time house painting, you know that the difficult, monotonous task of repainting small surfaces is time consuming and challenging! Look at these flaws in your home and paint projects could seem overwhelming.

And to complicate matters, more and more designers are branching out from the traditional white trim. Now, chocolate brown, or even a vibrant blue are options for your home’s crown molding. Whatever color you choose, it’s important that it enhances, not detracts from the wall color in place.

In applying trim paint, one trick we use at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry is using a sharply angled square-edge brush to edge in the tightest spots. If you choose to go-it alone, before cracking a paint can, make sure to sand and clean properly, and prime each area so the paint adheres evenly. If you’re patient, the results will make a remarkable difference to brighten any space.

If you see that the steps to painting trim and molding are too time consuming, call your local home painters at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry. We’re not just residential painters; we’re experts at attending to details, ensuring no trim paint ends up on your walls, and no wall paint ends up on your trim!

Whether you’d go with traditional white, a more minimalistic dark espresso for your trim, contact Benchmark Painting today. We’re happy to help select just the right color for your trim, and we provide free estimates at 301-949-1100.