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Locating the ideal Kensington painters and carpentry experts doesn’t have to be a daunting task, especially since you have already found the answer. At Benchmark Painting & Carpentry we would like to make the decision simple for you by demonstrating to you what makes us stand out from the rest of the pack. It begins with our kind, dedicated and well-informed team. Since our focus here at Benchmark Painting & Carpentry is to provide only the best client experience we feel that applies to each step of the process.

We do, of course, realize, there is a lot more to being the best than having a friendly staff. So we take the same approach to offering the finest craftsmanship available, as well. We make it a point to only partner with the most trusted material manufacturers in the industry. This means even the products we use to complete your project are the best available. It is also crucial not to lose sight of the little details like properly preparing your home and taking care of clean up following completion of the job.

It doesn’t matter if there is a bush or a hammer in our hands, you still get the same level of professionalism and expertise. Our mission is to go above and beyond your expectations, as well as above and beyond the service you would get from other contractors. We strive to be the name you rely on for affordable, reliable and professional workmanship. At Benchmark Painting & Carpentry we really do set the bar for superb home improvement services.

Exterior Painting

exterior-paintingAt Benchmark Painting & Carpentry, we are committed to bringing our expert exterior painting services to Kensington. Too many homeowners neglect to realize this is what makes the first impression and adds curb appeal. Don’t lose sight of the importance of making your house look stunning. We are the professional crew ready, willing and more than capable of making that happen for you.

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Interior Painting

interior-paintingAs a homeowner you have to make a great many choices along the way. Option to take care of Kensington Interior painting services is a smart move to make. For the inside of your house, this could be the difference between needing a more expensive and time consuming remodeling project – or not. A fresh coat of paint really can change the look of a room that drastically. You could be looking to make the transformation to bright new colors or simply refreshing the color that is already there but has become unsightly over time.

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Carpentry Services

carpentry-servicesAt Benchmark Painting & Carpentry we are honored to have the title of best choice for Kensington carpentry services but we have also worked hard to earn that title. Although this could be considered a vague description, it is because we offer a large variety of tasks under this category. Our goal is to make your house a safe, comfy and pleasant place for you and your family and that means making sure that every facet is taken care of professionally.

So whether you want to improve your house with wainscoting installation or take care of a possible problem like drywall repair, we can handle that for you. From strictly aesthetic to important structural, our team can help complete the work for you. This even includes being there for your handyman services, general home repairs and even remodeling.

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